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Interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent

Accelerated Real Estate School wants to help you get your Massachusetts Real Estate License

Accelerated Real Estate School, a premier pre-licensing institution for real estate professionals, announces the opening of its 2022 virtual classes. All school classes are scheduled as live virtual classes via Zoom. The live virtual course offered by the institution will discuss the learning and proven methods to pass the mass real estate sales exam at an affordable price. Students who will enroll in the class may retake it until they feel ready to sit for the exam.

“Accelerated real estate school offers the highest quality pre-licensing education at an affordable price of only $199. We have one of the highest pass rates in the state. Our goal is for you to pass the mass state real estate exam the first time, however, if, for some reason you don’t, you may retake the class for free.”

Once enrolled, students will learn the necessary knowledge and skills they need from a professional instructor with over 25 years of real estate experience and a licensed broker, instructor, and construction supervisor from Massachusetts.

Accelerated Real Estate School also offers weekend classes held throughout the year. These classes are held every Saturday and Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm, over two weekends. For interested individuals who want to join the in-demand field of real estate business and start their fabulous career today, visit to read more details on the company and its live Zoom instructor led classes.

The school allows its students to pay only once and attend as many class sessions until they feel ready to sit for the state exam. Now is the time to get into the real estate business.

About Accelerated Real Estate School

Accelerated Real Estate School provides top-notch pre-licensing courses for individuals who want to join the exciting and rewarding world of real estate of buying and selling. Its proven methods of training prepare students to take the real estate exam immediately upon course completion and pass. The company does not only teach students the material. It also teaches them how to successfully take and pass the Massachusetts licensing exam.

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