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The 5 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Massachusetts

Learn the five steps to becoming a real estate agent in Massachusetts. Whether you are working full time, attending college, have graduated from school, need to earn extra money or are looking for a new career, obtaining a Massachusetts Real Estate License is a great way to earn income. And you can do all this for under $500 only at Accelerated real estate school. One of the best performing real estate school in the State. Price includes all textbook, workbook, and materials for you to pass the exam. One price $179. We don’t hold back. We give you all the tools to pass the exam. A qualified instructor active in real estate with over 25 years’ experience, materials that include crosswords, word scrambles, and over 900 actual test questions you will see on the exam. We don’t try up sell you with different packages and place prices on the up-sell items to entice you to pay more. Read our reviews. That is why we can say, HIGHEST QUALITY – BEST PRICE. Lets get started.

The 5 steps to becoming a real estate agent in Massachusetts
1. Be at least 18 years old and have a valid social security number.
2. Take the forty (40) hour required Massachusetts real estate course via Zoom at Accelerated real estate school. The cost is only $179, and payment is good for 2 years.
3. Apply to take the real estate license test with PSI upon course completion. The cost is $85
4. Pass the 120 question Massachusetts real estate license test either online or in person.
5. Pay $100 to $151 to the State for your real estate license. Price at initial licensing is pro-rated
That’s it, you’ve got your Massachusetts real estate license. Go join a real estate brokerage and sell some real estate! We have top brokerage firms looking for real estate agents and they know an Accelerated agent is a qualified agent.

When someone possesses a Massachusetts Real Estate License it increases their earning power and provides them with the tools and knowledge to purchase their own home or to help a friend or family member purchase a house. As an added bonus you can become a licensed real estate agent in CT and RI without having to take another exam.
If you are thinking of obtaining a Massachusetts Real Estate License Contact Accelerated Real Estate School at 781 – 269 – 1640 or log on

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