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Real estate agents have some of the highest scores in job satisfaction out of workers across America. It might not feel like that when you are working a 12-hour day just trying to get through all the tasks on your plate, but it’s true: real estate agents are reportedly 28% more satisfied in their careers than workers in other professions, according to The Conference Board.

1. FLEXIBITY. In total, 83% of respondents ranked this as the most important element that goes into their job satisfaction. Real estate is a career that you can balance with family responsibilities, school, and side projects. Since you are your own boss, you can decide when to work and how many hours to work each week. This can make it easier to juggle several responsibilities at once.

2. INCOME. When surveyed, 81% of respondents ranked income potential as an important factor in their job satisfaction. In real estate, there is no cap on your income. If you facilitate large transactions or have a higher volume of transactions there’s potential to earn more and more. Top-earning real estate agents have similar strategies to earn more money than their competitors.

3. SATISIFACTION. When you work as a real estate agent, you are helping people make the most important financial decision of their lives. You are also helping them find homes where they will create cherished memories for years to come. This gives many real estate agents a high amount of job satisfaction. In fact, 90% of those surveyed ranked this as something important to their enjoyment in their careers. They know their work matters.

4. INDEPENDENCE. Not having to answer to anyone else can be freeing for many workers. In our survey, 73% of respondents said this was important to their job satisfaction. When you work in real estate you are in business for yourself. You make decisions on how to operate your business, when to work, and what clients and vendors you will work with.

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